Diversity & Equality

Finance is one of several industries where women are under-represented, particularly in more senior roles, and this is a major contributor to the gender pay gap.

There is sometimes confusion between equal pay and the gender pay gap. Equal pay is concerned with paying people equally for doing equivalent work to the same level of performance regardless of gender. The gender pay gap refers to the difference in average hourly pay between all men and all women in a workforce. A gender pay gap typically results from an imbalance in the workforce, such as having more men than women in senior roles.

We are confident that all employees are paid fairly and equally where men and women are performing the same work to the same standard, but there is further work to be done to increase the number of women working in financial services, and increasing the representation of women at senior levels.

Our Gender Pay Gap Reports can be found here:

Women in Finance Logo

To further evidence the firms’ commitment to increase the representation of woman; we have joined a growing list of signatories to the Women in Finance Charter.  The Women in Finance Charter is a commitment by the HM Treasury and signatory firms to work together to build a more balanced and fair financial services industry.  The Charter requires accountability, the setting of internal targets, linking pay of senior executives to the delivery against these targets and publishing progress annually against these targets on our website.

Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited is committed to achieving a 30% representation of women in senior level roles and a 40% representation across the firm, by 31 October 2023.

September 2021 Update

We remain a proud signatory to the Charter, and continue to focus on achieving a 40% representation of women across the firm, and a 30% representation of women in senior posts by 31 October 2023. Additionally, we set out to enhance our population of women in key roles, and took various actions including a revised recruitment approach to help achieve this. However, the percentage of women recruited into senior roles has remained static in the last 12 months due to low turnover and little potential for expansion. Overall representation of women across the firm increased to 36%, and 22% across senior posts as at 31 August 2021. We are confident that the steps we continue to take such as the continuation of the development of our talent pipelines, the setting up of our Diversity & Inclusion Working Group as well as the delivery of enhanced training and mentoring programmes will all contribute to improving senior representation of women by the target date.

Looking ahead, Daiwa will continue to take action in support of the Charter, and to build a more inclusive workforce that recognises and values all forms of diversity.