Corporate Principles

Daiwa Securities Group operates across 20 countries. It has guiding principles, governing how it conducts it business across the globe.


Building Trust

The trust and approval of customers form the very foundation of the Daiwa Securities Group. The Group will always place the needs of customers first, and strive to develop the advanced, specialized skills to offer them the most attractive products and services of any securities group.

Placing importance on personnel

The source of the Group’s competitiveness lies in the capabilities of its employees. The Group will promote the creativity of employees by offering them a challenging and self-directed working environment that encourages their abilities and appropriately rewards their contributions.

Contributing to society

Daiwa Securities Group will seek to benefit the economy and society through the development of healthy financial markets. In addition to scrupulously observing both regulations and internal policies, the Group will strive to maintain a high sense of morality and duty, endeavouring to continue contributing to the sustainable growth of the societies in which we operate.

Maintaining healthy earnings results

The Group will always seek to develop healthy business operations and to increase corporate value for the benefit of shareholders. By providing customers with attractive products and services, the Daiwa Securities Group will seek to generate strong profits and healthy returns for shareholders.

The Sustainable Development Goals


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 goals common to all mankind, created by member states of the United Nations along with a variety of organisations and people, which were adopted by the UN in 2015. Each country has promised to actively work towards the achievement of these goals. More information on SDGs can be found here

The Daiwa Securities Group and SDGs
Daiwa Securities Group announced its SDGs declaration in May 2018. The responsibility for companies to act as a driving force for solving issues has encouraged The Daiwa Group to view the SDGs as critical goals that will lead the future direction of the world. The Group has implemented initiatives that will address the 17 social issues of the SDGs by positioning them as a common language for deploying business globally.

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