Brexit FAQs

What are Daiwa’s plans for operations post-Brexit?

We have established a new subsidiary called Daiwa Capital Markets Deutschland GmbH (DCMD) so that Daiwa can continue to provide a full service to its EU-based clients post-Brexit.

When will the new entity be up and running?

Daiwa Capital Markets Deutschland GmbH commenced business on the 3rd September 2018 and we are now in a position to provide a full range of services out of Frankfurt.

Will there be any changes to the products and services DCME currently offers?

No. We will offer the same products and services as at present. DCMD will provide the same services and products as DCME so there will be no material difference between the two entities.

Will a new set of terms of business be required?

It is up to you, the client, if you decide to change your trading relationship from DCME to DCMD. If you decide to do so it will require a new set of Terms of Business to be entered into. Since DCMD will offer the same service and products that DCME currently offers it may be simpler to keep your trading relationship with DCME. But, ultimately, it is your choice.

Where is DCMD located? 

Daiwa Capital Markets Deutschland GmbH, Neue Mainzer Strasse 1, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Who is the relevant regulator? 

DCMD is regulated by BaFin. The firm’s ID number is 149361. Please click here for more information.

Who should I speak to if I require further information?

Please speak with your usual Daiwa representative if you require further information.