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Gender Pay Gap

What is the Gender Pay Gap and why is it important?

Gender Pay Gap Reporting was introduced to the private sector in 2017 with the aim of narrowing and eventually eliminating the pay differential between men and women. Increased transparency in reporting figures, helps improve accountability, which drives action to advance gender equity.

As a company in the UK with more than 250 employees, Daiwa Capital Markets Europe (‘DCME’) publishes its gender pay gap on an annual basis.

DCME 2022 Gender Pay Gap

We are pleased to see an improvement in our gender pay gap and are proud to share that 50% of the Executive Committee and 44% of the board are women. Please click here or the image below to find out more and access DCME’s 2022 Gender Pay Gap Report.

GPG report image

Previous Gender Pay Gap Reports can be found here


The Women in Finance Charter (WIFC)  

DCME are a proud signatory of the WIFC. Please click here or the image below to read our 2023 annual review and to find out more about the positive progress we have made in reaching our aspirational targets. 

   WIF 2023      WIFC logo