Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited is committed to protecting the privacy of your business and its employees, whilst providing you with the opportunity to receive services.

We will collect data from users when they register to use the service, and when further information is requested from time to time.

Much of this data comprises business information. Some of it may inevitably comprise personal data about individuals, to which UK data protection laws apply.

We record the number of visitors to each separate section of our site and track movement between the sections. This helps us to analyse trends and improve the design and layout of our site. 'Cookies' may be used for this purpose. In certain cases, 'cookies' may also be used to store User IDs and passwords, thus freeing the client from having to retype them on future connections. 'Cookies' do not identify individual people.

Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited is not responsible for the information practices employed by sites linked to or from our Website. This policy relates to our Website only, and users are therefore encouraged to read the policy statements of any other sites visited.

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For further information about the privacy practices of Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited please refer to our Privacy Notice or email DPO@uk.daiwacm.com.