Convertible Bonds

Daiwa is a market leader in this segment and has one of the leading sales, trading and research teams. This is a customer-driven business, with dedicated teams in London, Frankfurt and Hong Kong to provide coverage in those time zones.

The firm consistently ranks in the top three of both the Asian and the Japanese convertible bond league tables. Furthermore Daiwa benefits from having a long established dedicated convertible bonds team that has worked successfully together over many years.

Sales & Trading
We market a broad range of Japan and Asian convertible bonds to a global client base and maintain strong relationships with global institutional convertible investors, including convertible bond funds, hedge funds and asset managers.

Our extensive research and analytics resources means the trading teams are well equipped to trade in convertible securities using pricing and detailed analytics.

For further information relating to the convertible bond market making business, please contact one of the following:

Asian and Japanese Convertible Bonds
London:  +44 20 7597 7999
Hong Kong: +852 2773 8300
Frankfurt: +4969 271 3980

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