Debt Capital Markets

DCM is a customer-facing department responsible for bonds origination and clients relationship with a wide range of borrowers across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and some in Canada to be sold to Japanese and non-Japanese based institutional investors, as well as Japan based retail investors. The main products and services offered to clients by Debt Capital Markets (DCM) both from Daiwa Capital Markets Europe in London (DCME) and Daiwa Capital Markets Deutschland GmbH in Frankfurt (DCMD) are:

  • International bonds: both in the Global and Eurobond format. Primarily Yen, USD and AUD denominated issues but also Euro and other currencies from time to time;
  • Domestic bonds: "Samurai" format for international borrowers issuing in Yen denominated debt securities; widely distributed to the domestic Japanese retail and institutional investor base;
  • "Uridashi" bonds: International bonds in Eurobond format distributed to retail Japanese investors;
  • ESG/SDG bonds originated by DCM team;
  • Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTNs) mainly targeted at institutional investors inside and outside Japan;
  • Deal specific and general debt investor relations roadshows in Japan;
  • and documentation preparation and advice.

Daiwa Capital Markets works closely with issuers to provide advice on interest rate, currency, equity and credit risk management issues in order to identify solutions that precisely match their requirements.

A selection of recent deal tombstones are available below:

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