Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited is the wholly owned subsidiary of Daiwa Securities Group Inc., one of the largest brokerage and financial services groups in Japan. 

This award winning investment bank has offices throughout Europe and the Middle East, and maintains strong ties with its Asian roots, working closely with colleagues across the region. 

Company Structure

Company Structure

Credit Ratings

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Daiwa Europe at a glance

This award winning investment bank operates across the following main business areas in Europe from its London headquarters namely Equity, Fixed Income, Equity & Debt Capital Markets and Global Convertible Bonds.

Name Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited
Head Office 5 King William Street, London, EC4N 7DA
Tel +44 20 7597 8000


Doug van den Aardweg

Parent Company

 Daiwa Securities Group Inc.

 Overseas Offices







Daiwa Capital Markets Deutschland GmbH - Frankfurt


Branch offices:

Bahrain Branch


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