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  • Bond trading trend in July

    Bond trading trend in July

    22 August 2022 956 KB PDF
    • JGB buying among domestic players remains low; some foreigners return to net buying
  • Daiwa's View

    Daiwa's View

    22 August 2022 983 KB PDF
    • Dollar resumes its singular appreciation
  • Daiwa's View

    Daiwa's View

    17 August 2022 814 KB PDF
    • Second round of remedial action by Fed to begin
  • Monthly MBS Issue

    Monthly MBS Issue

    16 August 2022 1226 KB PDF
    • If the 10yr JGB yield is at 0.2%, RMBS coupon should be around 0.5%
  • Daiwa's View

    Daiwa's View

    15 August 2022 681 KB PDF
    • JGB yields have started to outperform US yields
  • Daiwa's View

    Daiwa's View

    12 August 2022 786 KB PDF
    • Rise in yields amid Fed’s tighter stance to tame inflation = Good opportunity to buy on dip
  • FX reserves and green bonds

    FX reserves and green bonds

    12 August 2022 870 KB PDF
    • World Bank conducted surveys of foreign exchange reserve authorities
    • 26% of foreign exchange reserve authorities are making ESG investments and 28% are considering such investments
    • SDG bond investing is the mainstream, but some issues have been pointed out in terms of poor issuance amounts and liquidity
  • Daiwa's View

    Daiwa's View

    10 August 2022 619 KB PDF
    • Rate-hike pricing in Europe not moving forward
    • Speculation about European monetary policy is swaying between concerns about inflation and the risks of economic recession