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  • US FOMC Review

    US FOMC Review

    15 December 2021 220 KB PDF
    • FOMC: rate hikes (plural) on the horizon
  • Euro wrap-up

    Euro wrap-up

    14 December 2021 427 KB PDF
    • Bunds followed USTs lower as data confirmed a return to growth in euro area industrial production at the start of Q4.
    • While UK wage growth moderated, Gilts also made losses as employment continued to rise and the level of vacancies remained very high following the end of the government’s furlough scheme.
  • US Data Review

    US Data Review

    10 December 2021 152 KB PDF
    • CPI: sharp increases in pandemic-affected items; pressure in a few other areas.
  • Euro Wrap-up

    Euro Wrap-up

    10 December 2021 841 KB PDF
    • Bunds made very modest losses despite some weaker industrial production data from the euro area’s periphery.
    • Gilts made gains after UK GDP data surprised on the downside.
  • US Economic Comment

    US Economic Comment

    10 December 2021 321 KB PDF
    • FOMC: looking for clues on interest rate liftoff.
    • CPI pressure: partly pandemic-related, partly fundamental.
  • US Data Review

    US Data Review

    7 December 2021 156 KB PDF
    • International trade: export-led improvement in October
    • Revised productivity: sharper decline in Q3
  • Euro wrap-up

    Euro wrap-up

    7 December 2021 470 KB PDF
    • While the ZEW survey suggested that investors have downgraded their assessment of current economic conditions, Bunds made losses as German industrial production jumped the most in 12 months.
    • Gilts were little changed as a UK retail survey pointed to strong sales in November.
  • Euro Wrap-up

    Euro Wrap-up

    6 December 2021 418 KB PDF
    • Bunds made modest losses as German factory orders fell back sharply at the start of Q4 but turnover pointed to a rebound in industrial production.
    • While BoE Deputy Governor Broadbent left the door open to a rate hike this month, Gilts made very modest gains.