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Abe & the Consumption Tax: No Nineties Throwback

Shinzo Abe will shortly reach a defining moment of his second premiership with the announcement on whether to raise the consumption tax next April. Reports suggest that, encouraged in part by the upward revision to Q2 GDP...

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Euro Banks: Time for another check-up

The European Parliament yesterday passed legislation clearing the way for the European Central Bank to become the sole supervisor of the euro area’s largest banks next year, an early milestone on the long journey towards a euro area banking union...

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Abenomics - FAQs

So far, so good. The 3 arrows of Abenomics (major monetary easing; active fiscal policy; and structural reform) aim to revive confidence, generate a sustainable recovery and end deflation. And most evidence suggests that the...

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BoJ: Waiting for wage growth

Since early April when Kuroda unveiled the BoJ’s momentous pledge to double Japan’s monetary base within two years, each subsequent Policy Board meeting has been a non-event. The conclusion tomorrow of the latest BoJ get-together seems bound to be the same...

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RBS - Is George's Heart Really In A Break-Up?

The UK government’s apparent volte-face over breaking up the 81%-taxpayer-owned Royal Bank of Scotland, revealed by chancellor George Osborne in his Mansion House speech on Wednesday evening, has clearly unnerved markets...

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