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Japan: Maintaining the momentum

Fuelled by optimism over the new government’s policy initiatives and the weaker yen, Japan’s equity markets have enjoyed their longest winning streak in more than fifty years...

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The Bank of Japan: Great Expectations?

So, after weeks of pressure from new Prime Minister Abe, the BoJ today gave him what he wanted: a new 2% inflation target, double the previous ‘1% goal’. This, it pledged to achieve ‘at the earliest possible time’...

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New Year, New BoJ?

With Abe’s new government having recently announced a bumper boost of ¥10.3trn (more than 2% of GDP) to central government spending over coming quarters, attention in Japan is now firmly on the BoJ, whose Policy Board...

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European banks – getting to the core of subdued debt issuance

A triumphant return to bond markets for peripheral banks has grabbed the headlines at the start of the new year. But a less-discussed phenomenon has been the scarcity of new debt issues from fundamentally healthier banks in countries...

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Quarterly Global Economic Outlook (Q1 2013)

One year ago, the euro area dominated market participants’ thoughts. As the economy buckled under the weight of fiscal austerity and banking sector stress, and several countries struggled to maintain bond market access...

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