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Corporate Japan: Far from a curse

Writing in yesterday’s Financial Times, Martin Wolf argued that without structural reform to the corporate sector, the BoJ’s efforts to reflate the economy are doomed to fail, either as a result of any recovery eventually petering out, or through a shift to ultra-high inflation...

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Wow, Kuroda!

So, after weeks of waiting, and with expectations high, new BoJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda finally got the chance to put his stamp on Japanese monetary policymaking...

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The BoJ: Over-inflated expectations?

Tomorrow brings monetary policy announcements from several major central banks. And in marked contrast to those at the ECB and BoE, which look set to deliver nothing new, the Bank of Japan’s meeting will be momentous...

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Cyprus’ missed opportunity?

Last week saw the much-diminished Cypriot banking system finally re-open, albeit with onerous capital controls in place. These include limits on credit card transactions, daily withdrawals, money transfers abroad and the cashing of cheques...

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Euro area post-Cyprus: Re-pricing of risks

The Cypriot bailout is likely to mark a new turning point in the euro area’s debt crisis. Akin to the declaration of Deauville in October 2010, when German Chancellor Merkel and then French President Sarkozy first threatened private creditors...

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