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UK banks – Safety first

Hopes that a recovery in [productive] bank lending will help kick start the UK’s faltering economy have been dealt a further setback by today’s recommendations from the Financial Policy Committee...

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Cyprus: A dark future within the euro area

We have a deal. After another memorable weekend in the so-far short but fateful life of the single currency, Cyprus and the Eurogroup finally reached an agreement on a package that...

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It’s the euro that needs a solidarity fund

Developments in Cyprus over the past week suggest that the key lesson euro area policymakers took away from the messy Greek bailout is that they should no longer underwrite a deal that doesn’t resolve a country’s debt position once and for all...

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The madness of Chancellor George

No Chancellor in the past 100 years has delivered his fourth Budget having presided over a worse growth performance than George Osborne did today. The economy is just 0.7% larger than when he took office...

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Cyprus: A Haircut In All But Name

After six months of broad stability in euro area markets, Saturday morning’s announcement by the Eurogroup of its framework for the Cyprus bailout – based on an offer of up to €10bn of multilateral funds...

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